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Tips for Better Communication

  • Get the person’s attention. They may need to get ready to listen to you so say their name or tap them gently on the arm before speaking. Many times, people with hearing difficulties are not "prepared” to listen.
  • Face the person. It’s much easier to understand speech when we’re able to look at the person speaking.
  • Keep your mouth clear. If you’re eating or chewing while talking, your speech will be more difficult to understand.
  • Come closer to the person. Your voice will be louder, and lip reading will be easier if you are no more than three feet away.
  • Turn it down. When carrying on a conversation, reduce background sounds coming from devices such as televisions or radios.

Simple 5-Question Hearing Survey

If you think you, or someone you know, may have hearing loss, start by taking this very simple five-question quiz and call us to schedule an appointment if needed.

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